Module 05 course project – in the news

 For your Module 05 Course Project Assignment, you are continuing to assist your supervisor with her presentation for the conference on the Human Services Professional’s ethical duties. You have been asked to research a case of a Human Services professional that ended up in the media due to allegations of violating civil or criminal law. After identifying at least two different resources on the case, address the following in a 2-3 page paper: 


  1. The name or descriptions of the people involved (a) who was the victim? (b) who is the defendant? (c) What type of case is this? (d) where did the case take place?
  2. What law or policy did they allegedly violate?
  3. What was the harm to the client?
  4. Did the professional violate any of the Human Services Ethical Standards that have previously been covered?
  5. Are you able to identify something different the professional could have done to avoid this situation?