Ministry of Presence Paper

Objective: Describe chaplaincy as a “ministry of presence.”
Purves constructs a strong Christological foundation in chaplaincy that establishes chaplains (all Christians) as the bearers of the presence of God. In this concept, the Holy Spirit plays a vital role in the incarnational presence of Christ in and through the individual presence of the Chaplain.

Read or review the following:

Purves, Ch. 4, pp. 78-104; Ch. 9. pp. 193-213
Sullivan, Ch. 5, pp. 173-191.
Evans, Ch. 2, pp. 6-17; Ch. 11, pp. 104-115. (Only if you can get access to the book, not required only recommended)
PowerPoint: The Ministry of Presence.
PowerPoint: Theological Foundations of Chaplaincy.Download Theological Foundations of Chaplaincy.
“Hospitality, a Practice, and Way of Life ” by Pohl.
“Hospitality” Download “Hospitality”dissertation excerpt by Langston (required reading)
In Hospitality what is the significance of a Safe place, a Sacred place, and a Holy place in Chaplaincy?
Address all of the following points:

Explain “ministry of presence.”
What does it mean to be a bearer of the presence of God?
Explain incarnation and the role of the Holy Spirit.
What is Hospitality and why is it important in Chaplaincy?
Include at least two scholarly sources (other than the ones provided) that support your writing.

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