Metacognitive activity 5 | Biology homework help

 Metacognition Activity #5

Write a one page reflection (1 inch margins, 12 point, standard font) on learning metacognitive
strategies this fall in BIOL 1107. Use the following questions as possible prompts to reflect on
your learning. This reflection is thinking about your thinking related to how you learn, NOT
biology subject matter. You do not need to answer every question below, but you can use one or
more to prompt deep thinking about metacognition.
1. How metacognitive was I at the beginning of the semester?
2. What activities/strategies most helped my learning?
3. Which activities will I continue to incorporate beyond 1107?
4. What do I still want to add/improve beyond 1107?
5. Have I improved in metacognition? 

Class activities which include in this class are:( just to let you know about this class activities) 

-In this class we have perusal reading (in this we read the whole chapter and comment and all)

-mastering biology assignment ( in this we have multiple choice for practice)

-other activities which are solved just for knowledge

-so many videos for each chapters to clear the thoughts

-test at the end of the chapter

-metacognitive activities too