Mat 240 median housing price prediction model for d.m. pan real

MAT 240 Median Housing Price Prediction Model for D.M. Pan Real Estate Company Southern New Hampshire University Module Two Notes In the scatter plot about, the independent variable (x) is the median square feet, while the dependent variable (y) is the median listing price ($). The independent variable would be useful for making predictions as the square footage does not change for an individual house, only the value would change based on any renovations made to home or property value. Regression Equation The regression equation for the scatter plot from project 1 is Y=195.5x-50564. Determine r R is the correlation between the predicted values and observed values of €˜y . In my analysis R=0.4464. This tells me there is a strong positive linear relationship between the x and y variable. Examine the Slope and Intercepts Slope= 195.95 Intercept = -$50,564 Y=195.95