Marketing management project | Management homework help

 This project has a written paper and a powerpoint presentation

Please see attachment for written project outline format

Written presentation should be at least 7 pages

powerpoint should be at least 7 slides (Slides should include informative content, pictures, and animations)

Pick a industry or company. for the written part of the project the project should start with an overview of the industry, its overall strategies of  leading companies, and the significant problems and issues that confront  management. 

State problems/issues as clearly and precisely as you can. avoid recounting facts and history about the company. 

Next is the Analysis of the case/business/company should from the angle looking at marketing  issues and other factors underlying the company/organization’s strategic successes  and failures. Decide whether the firm has valuable resource strengths and  competencies. 

Check to see if the firm’s marketing strategy is producing satisfactory results and determine the reasons why or why not. You can probe the nature and  strength of the competitive forces confronting the company and decide whether and  why the firm’s competitive position is getting stronger or weaker. 

in your analysis relevant evidence has to be offered to back up your  conclusions. – 

The final section of the written project should consist of a set of definite  recommendations and a plan of action. Your set of conclusions/recommendations  should address all of the problems/issues you identified and analyzed. Your  recommendations for actions should offer a reasonable prospect of success. 

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