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Hello, this is a business class.

I need help answering the attached questionaire. Below is a note from the teacher and the answer to one of the questions regaRDing participation.




There are activities/assignments that count as participation grades.  Participation activities are graded for thought and effort, not for “accuracy.” The objective of participation activities is for you learn the overall concepts in a worry-free environment.   If you put thought and effort into the assignments, you should have an “A” for your participation grade.








UHD Cornerstone Students are required to participate in a Service Learning project IN PERSON at the Houston Food Bank.  The dates chosen for all Spring 2015 Cornerstone Classes are Saturday March 28th or April 4thfrom 8 am-12 pm at the Portwall St location.  **GLEASON’S classes have been designated for Saturday,  March 28th from 8 am – 12 pm at the PORTWALL ST location.  Students will be getting complimentary T-Shirts and water and coffee are provided free at the Food Bank, however, there is a cafe and vending machine items for purchase.  Links and details to sign up for the Food Bank and give your T-Shirt size are in Blackboard (TO COME).




Service Learning is different than “volunteering.”  Service-learning involves students in community service activities and applies the experience to personal and academic development.  The service-learning component of Cornerstone gives you the opportunity to learn by doing. Think of the community you’re working with as a “live text” for the class. Like your textbooks, lectures, and discussions, the community is a source of information about the concepts and issues covered in class. Though the time you spend at The Houston Food Bank is part of your homework for this course, service-learning is more than homework. It’s a way to get hands-on experience through your academic studies.  By viewing this activity as “live text” similar to the written text you’re required to read for class—your instructor doesn’t grade you for the act of reading. Instead, you’re graded on how much you learn from those readings, and how well you demonstrate that in papers and exams. You will be graded in a similar way for your community work. The Service Learning paper requires you to articulate what you’ve learned and how that connects the subject of the class.




Note from teacher:

Please answer the questions in number format (not essay). For example, 1.   answer     2.   answer   3.  answer    I have attached the scanned pages from the book (chapter 9a) needed for this Legacy assignment.

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