Lefkowitz v. great minneapolis surplus store, inc.


Section I – Brief the Lefkowitz v. Great Minneapolis Surplus Store, Inc., using the format detailed in Appendix A of Law and Ethics in the Business Environment. This area of briefing out to be 2 FULL pages in length.

Section II – Present a summary critique of the court ruling in the case. This area of discussion ought to be 4 FULL pages in length. Here, you are to discuss your opinion regarding the court’s decision. You may agree or disagree. Whatever your position on the case; be sure that you support your thoughts and ideas with adequate research as evidenced by in-text citation in accordance with APA standards. As such, you should have your researched sources cited throughout the body of your discussion in accordance with APA standards and should also have a corresponding entry in the reference area.

Section I and Section II of this assignment should be ONE DOCUMENT of 6 pages total not including cover page and reference section. References should be a minimum of 4 sources.

Attached is an example of how to brief a case