Leadership book review with gibbs cycle


Book review with Gibbs cycle

book in attachment

I added  gibbs cycle definition and  ‘ book ‘ (The 21 irrefutable laws of leadership) in  attachments. I also added structure of paper in attachment.

Table of content and separating ‘description’ part to purpose, questions, information, concepts, assumptions, inferences, points of view, implications are important after that use other parts of ‘gibbs cycle’ such as feeling, evaluation, analysis, conclusion, action plan.(check photo in attachment) 

The review should be between 22 – 25 pages. Apa style with references.

You should use some direct quotation from book which is fine for similarity score but not too much. 

Plagraism is most important thing because they will check this article in turnitin database with similarity score. This is most important thing. No plagraism at all. 

Use gibbs cycle to analyze this article. I added research about gibbs cycle

I need this assignment in 6 days . You have 144 hours to complete this assignment otherwise it will be garbage for me.

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