Law and ethics law and ethics connect to one another in that they


Law and Ethics

Law and ethics connect to one another in that they denote the rules and codes of practice present within any given society (Hendrick & Wigens, 2004). Nonetheless, the two fields in question also differ in various aspects. To begin, law pertains to a methodical group of instructions, overseen by the management, that administrate the entire community, in addition to the activities of its personal affiliates. On the other hand, Hendrick & Wigens (2004) posit that ethics refer to a subdivision of moral thinking controlled by particularized, permissible and certified standards. Ideally, it is these norms in question that direct individuals on issues related to the most appropriate elementary social behaviors. As such, this paper brings out the dissimilarities between law and ethics through the ways in which the two subjects on the agenda affect the medical field of dermatology.  Furthermore, it also discusses