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Below I basically copied and past pages 13 – 15 in this lab but attached the lab as well. 


Am using a Virtual Machine (VM) on my Windows computer with the Linux operating system called Ubuntu.


Lab submission details:

As part of the submission for this Lab, you will create your own Web page that uses both HTML and PHP to create several different tables providing specific information. You will get a chance to use most of the concepts you studied so far in this course as you will apply both HTML and PHP code to this exercise.

Specifically, you will create a Web application that provides 3 different tables. Each table will consist of at least 2 rows and 2 columns. You may need to add more cells depending upon how you subdivide your display.

The first table should include the results of using PHP to calculate the area and circumference of a circle, the area and perimeter of a rectangle, the area and perimeter of a right triangle and the area and perimeter of a square. The values used for dimensions are as follows:


Circle – radius = 2.65 meters

Rectangle – length = 4.2 meters; width = 5.6 meters

Right Triangle – base = 10.2 meters; height = 5.4 meters

Square – length = 5.3 meters


Screen Shot visual at


The geometric shape table should include an image of each shape along with the calculated values. Note, you must use PHP and formulas to calculate the results in the application. No hard-coding of results is allowed. The following is a reasonable representation of the first table:


Check this screen shot out at


Hint: Use an existing image on the web or create our own. Scaling of images to recommended size is not needed.


The second table should include a famous quote (or quote that you like) and three slightly modified versions of that quote. You should use existing PHP functionality to modify the quote. The modifications are described below:


Original – Original quote as is

Replace “we” with “me” – Replace all occurrences of we with me (Note: you can choose a string of your choice instead of using we and me.)

The location of all letters that are equal to ‘t’ – Find and display the location of all t’s in your string quote.

All Upper Case – Display all characters in upper case.


Screen shot of it is at


Example of reasonable representation of the second table screen shot is at:


Note: the … in the Location of t’s cells is present only to demonstrate there are more t’s in the quote. In your example, you should list all positions.

For the third and final table, you need to use PHP loops to display the following 4 patterns in each of the table cells:


See it at sreen shot


Feel free to add additional HTML and PHP elements to enhance your web application. Create screen shots showing the successful running of your application.

For your deliverables, you should submit a zip file containing your word document (or PDF file) with screen shots of the application running successfully along with your PHP web application file.

Include your full name, class number and section and date in the document. This document you can use and already is formatted called “williamclementsSDEV300Lab4” attached and submit with everything else. 

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