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Persuasive Essay #1—due April 26–There are several choices provided in the Assignment Guidelines. This is not a documented essay, but you will need to support your opinion with examples and details from your reading, your experiences, etc. The essay should be at least 5 paragraphs in length, and should contain an introduction and a conclusion as well as a clearly-stated thesis.



Assignment Guidelines: Due 4/26/14


Choose one of the following:


  1. Two opposite philosophies of living can be expressed in adages. One is “You are your brother’s keeper.” The other is, “Live and let live.” Choose the philosophy that you feel is prevalent in the United States today and give the reasons that you feel the philosophy prevails.


  1. Some have said that the quality of a society is best judged by whom it chooses for its heroes. Think of one “hero” held in high regard in our society today, and explain why you think that the particular hero reflects well, or poorly, on our society.


  1. A famous quotation in the play Julius Caesar states:


                           “The fault lies not in the stars, but in

                              ourselves, that we are underlings.”

How true is this statement in our lives? How much control does “destiny” have, and how much responsibility do we as humans have for what happens to us?  Use examples from your reading, observations, or life experiences.


D. Some observers of our society say that no matter how bizarre or far-fetched fiction can be, it will never be able to compete with real life. Use examples from your reading, current events or past history, observations, etc., to support or refute this idea.



krystlbrrws, let me know if I need to get an article from my database on the schools website for this assignment. I am not sure by reading the assignment. Also, could you let me know what it means when the professor asks for (This is not a documented essay and This is a documented essay). What is the difference?  My next assignment asks for a documented essay. Thanks girl,