Java appointment calendar gui | Computer Science homework help

This project will will give you more experience with Swing’s GUI components. Description: Design and implement a GUI front end to the Appointment book you created for Project 2. The GUI should as much as possible be point-and-click, requireing the user to only enter text for an appointment’s textual description, by doing this your interface will for the most part eliminate user input errors. The application should still use serialization as its mechanism for data persistence. The user interface should support the functions of: adding/creating an appointment deleting an appointment displaying a list of all appointments


This involves designing solutions to problems P9.1 and P9.2 on p. 459 of the text.

P9.1slightly modified

Implement a superclass Appointment and subclasses Onrtime, Daily and Monthly. An appointment has a description ( for example ” See the dentist”) and a date. Write a method occusOn(int year,int month, int day) that checks whether the appointment occurs on that date. For example, for a monthly appointment, you must check whether the day of the month matches, Then fill an ArrayList of Appointment objects with a mixture of appointments. Have the user enter a date and print out all of the appointments that occur on that date.

P9.2slightly modified.

Improve the appointment book program of Exercise 9.1. Give the user the option to add new appointments and delete existing appointments.. The user must specify the type of the appointment the description and the date.