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 Week 11 Final Exam Essay In a essay describe the unique challenges of managing the intangible assets of organization for a manufacturing company that has operations in four countries (USA, Mexico, France, and Turkey). Address human capital, information capital, and organizational capital in terms of their alignment to strategy. Note: By “unique” we mean that you should name and describe those special circumstances such a business faces in operating trans‐nationally (specifically, in those four locations). For example, is the labor pool in Turkey educated enough to operate and maintain modern manufacturing technologies? What might be the environment for organizational capital in Mexico? What kind of IT capital is needed for a company to operate in four such dispersed locations? Special Instructions Your final exam essay is an integrative assignment which will require you to synthesize and apply what you have learned. If you use graphics (tables, strategy maps, et cetera), insert them directly into the narrative (submit one file). Do not work on this with other students. Refer any questions to your instructor. Requirements Prepare a minimum of a 1,500-word to 2,000-word maximum, APA formatted paper in Times New Roman 12 point font, excluding the title page and reference page of which both are required. Please note that the minimum word count is simply a minimum and you will most likely exceed that in order to effectively address the objectives. An abstract is not required: however, the paper should provide an Introduction (which is not headed), Conclusion, and major section headings. This paper is a formal paper, so formal writing style and conventions are expected. Be sure to attend to the question(s) in a complete and substantive manner with academic peer reviewed or professional support for your positions and conclusion.