Information literacy (value: 150pts) course learning outcomes:


                   Information Literacy

(value: 150pts)

Course Learning Outcomes:

· Demonstrate proficiency in Information Literacy and Technology

· Practice academic honesty and exhibit ethical conduct

Assignment Learning Outcomes:

· Determine credible sources for a research project

· Create correct citations for research sources

· Exhibit developed skills in critical thinking, reading, and writing

· Show a knowledge of the iRead book, The River of Doubt

You must identify a research topic of your choice relating to the iRead book, The River of Doubt. If you are unsure about a topic, please consult the librarian in your WU101 course. Include the following items below to ensure the creation of a well-developed assignment.

iRead Reflection (15 points)

Provide a brief overview of the book The River of Doubt. (1 page)

a. What part of the books is most meaningful to you? Why?

b. In your opinion, what is the purpose of The River of Doubt?

c. Would you recommend the book to another person to read? Why or why not?

Research Process Paper (120 points)

1. Identify your research topic which relates to The River of Doubt. (1 page)

d. Why are you interested in this topic?

e. How does the topic relate to The River of Doubt

f. Did you narrow your research topic? How did you do so?

2. Identify THREE sources you would use if conducting research on this topic. (2 pages)

a. Using the CRAAP test, critically evaluate the quality of each source. Identify characteristics that ensure these sources are credible. [You may use only one Internet source]

b. Explain why you have selected these sources as scholarly works which will support your research. How do these sources relate directly to your topic?

c. You must cite each source in a works cited page at the end of the assignment. All citations should be written in MLA, APA, or Chicago style format. 

Information Literacy Reflection (15 points)

· Explain the importance of Information Literacy as a skill in the digital age. (1/2 page)

· How do you plan to use your understanding of Information Literacy to succeed in college? (1/2 page)


You are not actually writing a research paper. You will simply address various parts of the research process in this assignment. The final assignment should be 5 pages double spaced. The MLA, APA, or Chicago style format works cited page is included in the total page requirement.