Inb-200-3511-international business- week 2 | Management homework help

Read the Case History, “Pirates of Globalization,” on pages 102-104 in your text.

Review the tutorial, “How to Analyze a Case History.” 

Write a two-page paper, typed and double-spaced, using the West Writing Assignment Template, in which you respond to each of the following questions. Support your response with at least three sources, two of which must be scholarly sources from the West Online library.

  • What more do you think the international business community could do to protect their intellectual property rights?
  • Are international companies simply afraid to speak out against counterfeiting in potentially lucrative emerging markets for fear of being denied access to them?
  • By using the latest technologies, people can often create perfect clones of original works. How are the Internet and the latest digital technologies influencing intellectual property laws?
  • Locate information on the Tiffany versus eBay lawsuit and identify each side’s arguments and who prevailed. What are the implications of that lawsuit for the sale of counterfeits in online auctions

Review the INB 200 Week 2 Rubric to make sure that you have met all the guidelines for how your paper will be assessed.

Format your paper using the West Writing Style Handbook guidelines. 

Cite at least 3 sources, 2 of which are scholarly sources from the West Online Library

Use the West Citation and Reference Generator Tool to note citations and references.

Submit your paper by 11:55 PM (Arizona Time) on the Monday of the week it is assigned.

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