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Negotiations Exercise 2: Olympics Coach – Part I due Thurs., Part II due Sun. – Traditional Summer/Fall

Directions: In this discussion, you will apply the principles from the method Getting to Yes (GTY) to a hypothetical negotiation situation. This situation is modified from a scenario presented in the Army’s War College where soldiers can opt into a course on principled negotiation that utilizes this same text (Getting to Yes).

Here is your scenario for Forum 2:

As the coach of the US Olympic women’s hockey team, your role is to put together an excellent team for the upcoming 2026 Winter Olympics in Milan, Italy. Just as your predecessors desired, you want as many well-known players from the professional NWHL (National Women’s Hockey League) as possible. Your number one target is Mary McTalented of Boston Pride, who leads the league in power-play points and is known for her lethal slap shot. She has an impressive fan following on the ice and on social media. That said, you know that the US Olympic women’s team in 2026 is likely to win the gold medal whether McTalented plays or not. She did miss the Olympics in 2022 due to injury.

McTalented is getting older and is concerned about the physical stress of competing in the Olympics. Next year, her contract with the Pride expires, so any injury could negatively impact her finances tremendously as she is preparing to negotiate future deals or contracts. As the coach, you know that the US Olympic women’s hockey team is not permitted to pay players. You are permitted to be innovative and creative in finding ways to incentivize McTalented, but then other players may expect similar treatment. Keep in mind that the Olympic team needs the money generated to continue the programs for future Olympic games.

Your tasks in this forum:

Part I 

Part I: Present your interest-based negotiation proposal intended to convince McTalented to participate in the 2022 Olympics. Note: this is a “post-first” discussion so until you post, you will not see your colleagues’ posts. Your proposal will be evaluated based on creativity, viability of the proposal, writing quality, and its alignment to the principles in GTY. If you did not complete the reading assigned prior to this post (through page 96 of the text), it will be clear in your proposal and points will be deducted. Cut and paste into the forum (no attachments).