Ides 300 | Architecture and Design homework help

The midterm report requires that you w.rite two (separate) pap.ers (Midterm Report 1 + Midterm Report 2) after researching two different styles and or periods of architectural and/or interior design. There is a lot of freedom to make choices of what interests you the most. 

Pick two different people (2 biographies), OR one person and then one or more examples of their work (1 biography and one about the work), You can pick two different people (2 biographies) OR one person and then one or more examples of their work (1 biography and one about the work), OR two different or related styles (1 on each), etc.

Select your favorite building, interior, architect, designer, style, and/or period; mix and match if you like. For example, you select California’s first female engineer + architect, Julia Morgan.  You may write one of your two required pap. ers on her, and the second one about one or a combination of her buildings/projects.  Here in Sacramento, we have the Julia Morgan House + the old Public Market (the lower stories of the Sheraton Hotel downtown).

The prescribed criteria for each of the two pap.ers are as follows: 

  1. Must be accompanied by at least one photograph or sketch. They can be black and white or color images.  
    Do not insert a picture/image within the text. Picture/image must be on a separate page.
  2. Written text: the type font size must be 12 points. Use single spacing between each line of text.
  3. Must have at least two FULL pa.ges of written text about your topic.
  4. Footnotes are required to cite your sources. Traditional or MLA format.
  5. Provide a bibliography of sources used.

The content of your research may include information on the style or period; prominent architects and or designers; materials used; etc. Be sure to site your quotes as footnotes and your sources in the bibliography.