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Improve It Project 3-7

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Central Sierra Insurance is a multi-office company that handles commercial and personal insurance products. In this project, you add missing data and verify that the charts are updated.

[Student Learning Outcomes 3.2, 3.3, 3.4]

File Needed: CentralSierra-03.xlsx (Available from the Start File link.)

Completed Project File Name: [your name]-CentralSierra-03.xlsx

Skills Covered in This Project

  • Edit source data.
  • Switch row and column data.
  • Change chart colors.
  • Apply a chart style.
  • Add and format elements in a chart.
  • Use gradient fill for a chart object.
  • Change the chart type.

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  1. Open CentralSierra-03.xlsx the start file workbook. The start file will be renamed automatically to include your name. Change the file name if directed to do so by your instructor and save it.
  2. Insert a new row at row 8.
  3. Type Motorcycle in cell A8. In cells B8:D8, type these values: 15, 82, and 24.
  4. Change the pie chart object to a 3-D Pie and apply Style 3. Notice that a data series for “Motorcycle” has been added.
  5. Switch the row and column data for the column chart. The data series for “Motorcycle” is not included.
  6. Click the Select Data button [Chart Design tab, Data group] and reset the source data to show cells A5:D10.
    Alternate Instruction for Microsoft 365 Apps iconClick the Select Data button [Chart Tools Design tab, Data group] and reset the source data to show cells A5:D10.
  7. Change the column chart color scheme to Monochromatic Palette 7 in the Monochromatic group.
  8. Format chart elements.Figure 3-76a Excel 3-7 Linear Down gradientFigure 3-76a Linear Down gradient
    1. Select the Side Wall of the column chart and apply Olive Green, Accent 3 shape fill (seventh column).
    2. Use the Shape Fill button to apply the Linear Down gradient in the Light Variations group to the side wall (Figure 3-76a).
    3. Apply the same fill and gradient to the Walls element.
    4. Select the Floor element and apply Olive Green, Accent 3, Lighter 60% (seventh column) with no gradient.
    5. Select the gridlines and use the Shape Outline button to format them with Black, Text 1, Lighter 50% (second column). (To select the gridlines, select the Plot Area and then click one of the gridlines in the chart.)
  9. Select the pie chart object and change the colors to Monochromatic Palette 7 in the Monochromatic group.
  10. Use Olive Green, Accent 3 as shape fill (seventh column) for the pie chart area with a Linear Down gradient from the light variations.
  11. Apply a 1 pt Olive Green, Accent 3, Darker 25% outline (seventh column) to both chart objects.
  12. Save and close the workbook (Figure 3-76).
  13. Upload and save your project file.
  14. Submit project for grading.