How the knowledge management model brings organization to the tasks


Topic: How  the Knowledge Management Model Brings Organization to the tasks of the KM Cycle.

Mr. Rockfish reads Jane’s memo and is intrigued with the idea of Knowledge Management but he is still not so sure that he understands how it all works. He googled Knowledge Management and discovered that the Nonaka and Takeuchi model was one of the most widely accepted foundation schemes for KM users. Jane, being the good manager that she is, told Mr. Rockfish to speak with you. Mr. Rockfish did so and now he has asked you to give him a short 6 slide power point with speaker notes explaining the model and how it might work at GDD.

Use the example of Dawn Jasper, the current administrative assistant to the airplane purchasing agent. She knows everything there is to know about buying a plane but since she is not the person doing the negotiations her knowledge is never really sought after by any one but her boss. Explain how this information could be shared with others using the Knowledge Management model and cycle tasks.


1. By WEDNESDAY, complete the following:

  • In six slides explain the relationship between the Nonaka and Takeuchi model Knowledge Management model and how it works with the KM cycle tasks to create shared information. Use Dawn as your example.
  • The slides must have speaker notes explaining your model and the relationship.
  • You must use course material to support your responses and APA in-text citations with a reference list. 
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