Hospitality finance exercise | English homework help

Visit a chain or franchise restaurant operation website of your choice (a publicly traded company) on the Internet (an example would be Brinker International®).Then explore the website and look for investor information and/or company information.

Compare the most current year’s financial reports with those of the previous year. Write an analysis on the state of the company’s financial situation. Be sure to include the following checklist items in your analysis:


a.Identify and describe the financial indicators used in these reports.

b.Did your chosen company perform better or worse? What are the reasons for it doing better or worse?

c.What are your chosen company’s financial goals for the future?

Submit your minimum 1 page Assignment to the Dropbox before the end of this unit.

Disclaimer: This exercise may include actual companies and brand names solely for instructional purposes; this exercise is not associated with any such actual company or brand name. All trademarks remain the property of their respective owners.