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To complete this assignment, review the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric.

Project Description
Imagine that you are approached by a gallery or museum and asked to create a thematic exhibition of the history of design. Prepare a prospectus for that exhibit. This prospectus is your final project and will consist of an appropriate title, introduction, and images of at least five works of art with accompanying text, conclusion, and bibliography. Choose a topic that will allow you to cover a broad chronological range (at least four periods/style movements plus contemporary) and at least two different design mediums (e.g., graphic design, industrial design, etc.).

Presentation and Style
Audience/Tone: Your exhibit labels and text should be written in the objective voice; the tone should be engaging and accessible but professional. Keep the exhibition’s viewer in mind—the viewer may have no knowledge of art or design history, so you will need to provide clear explanations of concepts, vocabulary, styles, periods, etc.

Structure, Format, Clarity, Grammar/Spelling

  • Each section should be clearly labeled and arranged according to the outline below
  • Writing should be clear, concise, focused, and substantive (avoid tangents and superficial observations)
  • Writing should be checked for spelling/grammatical errors

1. Creative title and introductory plaque text: Give your exhibit a title that is appropriate for your topic and write a paragraph or two introducing the exhibition (this would serve as the introductory plaque your exhibit-goers would read upon entering the exhibition). This should include a strong thesis statement, which you will support throughout the exhibit through carefully selected works of art.

2. Works of art and accompanying text: Each work should be carefully selected to support your theme and thesis. You must provide one image from each of the five periods you chose, plus a contemporary example (for a total of six images). For each image, provide full identification and the following information:

  • Explain how each work demonstrates your thesis.
  • Explain the formal qualities of the work in relation to the specific message and function of the work, using vocabulary that is appropriate and accessible (explain any complex terms).
  • Explain how each work relates to its design style/movement (cultural context).

3. Exhibit Conclusion: Write a concluding paragraph directed toward your exhibit viewers. What final thoughts (or even questions) will you leave them with as they exit?

4. Bibliography: Include a bibliography of properly formatted citations (MLA style). Include the course textbook and any other published, credible sources you consult for this project.

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