Hello, i need a paper done for my health class. this is paper is on a


Hello, I need a paper done for my Health class. This is paper is on a book which is called Life in Crisis by Peter Redfield. I will post the link to the book which can be accessed below. This is NOT a book report. I don’t need a summary of the book. The requirement of the paper are:

Identify 1 idea/concept in the book.

Then, Describe what Redfield / MSF means by that idea. “Unpack” the idea, analyzing strengths / weaknesses, implications / contradictions… the limits of the idea.

Develop an argument around it connecting it to other ideas in the book.

3 pages single spaced

Please no outside sources at all, this is suppose to be just on this book. Please just use this book. No plagiarizing.

Lastly, this is NOT a book report, I do NOT need a summary of the book.

Just a few things to note and to keep in mind. Again this is not a book report, so I do not need a summary of the book. You have to pick an idea and develop an argument around it which you may need to read some of the book for. Also, no outside sources at all just this book i have attached in the attachments. My grade relies on this paper so if possible I need a really strong paper since this is the last grade for my semester. Please let me know if you have any other questions at all.