Graded quiz 2.3: grammar at dinner

 Using the skills you learned in this lesson and the ones you practiced with “Grammar at the Football Game,” you’re ready to take the graded quiz!

Read the following paragraph. Like the practice exercise for this topic, you’ll notice some mistakes. Take note of them, as they will likely be questions later. Then, we will dissect the paragraph. Taking each sentence individually, we will review the grammatical concepts you have learned in this lesson. 

One knight, I walked slowly into the new French bistro Voltaire. It was a dimly lit eatery and smelled of bread garlic wine and cheese. On the wall, hung paintings by Monet, Matisse Picasso and Shultz. 

Immediately a waiter approached. Can I help you? “he asked.” 

I am hungry, I said. “Is your food good?” 

“We serve the best food in France!” he announced, proudly.

I told him–“This is my first meal in France.” 

“That’s nice” he replied, smugly. 

After sitting, down, I took a menu from the table. The waiter sneered, I don’t think he liked me. 

“Can I have a glass of water?” I asked. The waiters nostrils flared. He turned and walked away without answering. I didnt’ have a good feeling about this restaurant. Things only got worst. When the waiter returned, I asked him if he served large multi course meals. 

“Normally we do,” he answered. “What do you serve”? I asked. 

“You have two choices–chicken or steak.” The waiter looked at his watch and said; “but you have to come back tomorrow.” 

I looked around the room. The staff staired at me. Their brows were furrowed; their mouths snarled. One particularly angry chef menacingly tapped a rolling pin in his large, flour covered hands. Sweat beaded on my upper lip; my hands trembled; my tummy growled. 

Finally, I found the courage to ask “Why must I wait?” 

“Because,” the waiter replied, leaning in closer to my face, “we are closed.” 

I looked at my watch a Rolex. It was still on New York time. I gulped. 

“What time is it?” 

“Eleven o’clock at night, and we want you to go home!” the waiter shouted with the other staff members’ echoing him with derisive shouts of their own. 

“I will see you tomorrow” I said, getting up from the table. 

The waiter glowered. My joke only seemed to exasberate him more. 

“Or, maybe I wont.” 

I ran out the door and down the street, hoping the rest of my vacation would go more smoothly.