Geniusalert92 –diversity in workplace- chapter 3 questions(5)


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1. What is the relationship between compliance with legislative acts and valuing diversity? Explain.


2. What approach should organizations take in their pursuit of diversity and inclusion in countries that do not have equal opportunity laws?


3. Do you personally know anyone who has engaged in an employment discrimination lawsuit against an employer and prevailed? Without divulging who the parties are, explain what happened.


4. Many of the EEOC cases presented in this chapter involve acts that are egregious and offensive. Choose three cases and for each speculate on the organizational factors that would allow such practices to occur and, in some cases, to persist for extended periods. Why do you think no one in the management chain intervened? What would you recommend, specifically, to deal with the perpetrators and prevent future occurrences?


5. This chapter discusses multiple lawsuits brought by the EEOC against Supercuts. What factors may be contributing to the persistence of problems within the organization? Make specific recommendations for preventing such problems in the future.

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