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Generation Like Assignment 

Your assignment is to watch the PBS documentary and reflect on it. Please watch carefully because you will respond to what you see with an online writing assignment. We will also discuss the documentary in class, and there will be questions about the program on Exam 3 and our final.

You can stream the program free of charge by clicking on the above hyperlink. You can also review the content by reading

After you watch, respond to the following questions 

  1. With social media, there is now greater interactivity between performer and audience. How is this exhibited in “Generation Like”?
  2. How have people like Tyler Oakley distinguished themselves using social media, and how do they monetize their content?
  3. What feedback did Daniela Diaz face, and how did she respond?
  4. What do you believe “Generation Like” says about the quest for fame? Do you see this phenomenon as good, bad or neutral?
  5. Did this program change your view of social media?
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