Friend and Client Boundaries

Study the “Boundary Check-List.” by Roni Pruitt
(the attached MSWord document) Write down the numbers of the statements that are boundary violations and state why.

Additional info and resources:
Ethics and laws have been written because individuals have been harmed in counseling. Professional boundaries protect the privacy of both client and counselor. Being a good counselor involves having distance and objectivity to bring insight to client issues. Boundaries keep influencing factors—such as position, money, power, or friendship—out of the counseling relationship allowing the counselor to be honest and objective with the client. The nature of the relationship is designated as “client-counselor” to keep both parties clear this not a friendship and certainly not a romantic relationship. Counseling is a helping profession that is usually a service for hire. (Recognize and refer pathology) (Non verbal micro attending skills) (Understanding professional boundaries and ethics) – mins: 29:50-34:00/39:45-40:30/115:45-120:30

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