Foundations of Pastoral Care Response

Objective: Analyze the theological foundations of pastoral care
Write a 2-3 page paper on pastoral care that addresses the following:

The theological foundations of Pastoral Care
Comments on Clebsch and Jaekle’s four functions of pastoral care as shown in the quotation above.
Through this paper, you will explore the theological foundations of pastoral care as you define what it is and how it is applied. The pioneers in academically investigating pastoral care were the authors Clebsch and Jaekle in their resource, Pastoral Care in Historical Perspective from 1964. Their definition is still likely the most well-known and is as follows:

The ministry of the cure of souls, or pastoral care, consists of helping acts, done by representative Christian persons, directed toward the 1) healing, 2) sustaining, 3) guiding, and 4) reconciling of troubled persons whose troubles arise in the context of ultimate meanings and concerns” (p.4).

Read Ch. 5, pp. 49-61 in your Crick textbook.

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