Final Essay Paper

Write a paper on the significance of religious freedom as it is applied to Chaplaincy. Address the following points:
Religious Freedom
The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States (and the two clauses addressing their impact on Religious Freedom in Chaplaincy)
Separation of Church and State
Praying in Jesus Name (public prayer)
Proselytization vs. Evangelization
Authority of the State vs the Authority of the endorsing faith group
How has the Supreme Court decisions on chaplaincy cases impacted the application of religious ministry in the field of Chaplaincy (not just military chaplaincy but all the functional areas of chaplaincy)?
What freedoms are being upheld or reinforced by these Supreme Court decisions that support chaplaincy in the work place?
Include at least two scholarly sources (other than your textbooks) that support your writing.

Create a 7-slide PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your paper.
Title Slide
Slide 1: Introduction to Theme
Slide 2: Major Takeaways
Slide 3: Major Takeaways cont’d
Slide 4: Major Takeaways cont’d
Slide 5: Major Takeaways cont’d
Slide 6: Resulting Potential Action
Slide 7: Conclusion
Provide speaking content in the Slide Notes as if you were presenting to a live audience.

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