Essay on visual analysis | English homework help

Actually, my professor wants me to choose a picture from the options and write an essay (2 pages) on what does the image depict and I have chosen the picture and inserted it on the very last slide of the power point attached below. The title is “Liking isn’t Helping.” Also all the other details from my professor about the chapter “Visual Analysis” are included in the power point so you can understand it better. I need a rough draft outline and the complete essay relevant to the same outline. For the rough draft, I have attached a word document below. You have to fill it up with the ideas. Also, there is an introductory paragraph which you have to write as instructed in the same document. Then, write an essay in MLA Format based on THE SAME ideas. It should be in a different word document. I need both separate documents, the outline and the essay by tomorrow noon.