Eng 106 essay #3 – assignment

In this essay, you will consider additional perspectives on the topic of education, perspectives you will discover through scholarly research. Rather than attempt to integrate Freire, Loewen, and new sources, you will instead develop a new paper based on Loewen’s ideas. Feel free to retain and revise any of last essay that will help you construct this new argument. Loewen’s contention is that history, in particular American history, is typically taught in ways that obscure or overlook entirely the truth of event. First you’ll need to determine your stance in relation to Loewen’s thesis. Then, research what scholars have said about a specific historical event of your choosing.


Think about what you would like to teach your readers about the ways this historical event has been understood, misunderstood, taught, and learned. You might focus on the implications for students of history, or for citizens who understand or misunderstand their country’s history. Whatever focus you choose, be sure to place your new articles in conversation Loewen in order to make a central argument about education. Make sure that every paragraph of this points your readers toward your particular focus and argument.


Please craft a short description (this can be in bulleted list form if you would like) of the changes and transformations you made in revising the last essay (attached) to create this essay. Submit this description as a new page (after Works Cited) at the end of this essay file.