Drafting a contract agreement | English homework help

your client is a saudi national called Ahmad. He owns a 1000 sqm land in Obhur, Jeddah. Ahmad has decided to sell the land to Mr. Saleh for a total of SR 2.000.000, which shall be paid by a cheque issued in his name in two installment:
A) SR 1.500.000 upon signing the sale and purchase agreement; and
B) SR 500.000 upon the issuance of the new land ownership deed in Mr. Saleh’s name.
Draft a basic land sale and purchase agreement reflecting the above and covering the legal aspects that are essential to this transaction.
Draft the subjective terms of the sale and purchase.
Draft the objective terms ( boiler clauses ) of the sale and purchase agreement.
Drafting: includes client’s goals so long as they are consistent with applicable law; conforms to applicable law in all contract provision, contract clearly explains the basis for the contract and any deviation from client’s goals; follows principles from text on organizing information and presenting it effectively; supervising attorney would be comfortable using contract.
Organization: uses headings and sections to clearly and effctively organize the contract ; the contract is very easy to follow; the sequence of clauses is logical.
Formating: uses a standard legal document format; uses a readable font; looks neat and professional.
please use only the Saudi Law and make it a really full contract
subjective terms 4 pages then the boiler clauses 4 pages
and please write all the pasic elemants for the very good recording contract