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Primary and Secondary Audiences


You will share your understanding of primary and secondary audiences with your classmates and how this understanding impacts your business report.

The purpose of this discussion topic is to allow you to reflect on your audience for your final research-based report and to see how your fellow students’ concept of audience may have impacted their reports.

Please respond to the following items. Post your responses to these items to this discussion topic.

  1. Please conduct a search on the terms primary audience and secondary audience.  List two sources you found and how they defined these two terms. List in APA reference format and provide a paragraph description with citations.
  2. For your research-based report, who is the primary audience?  Who is the secondary audience? Describe each and why one is primary and one is secondary. Cite sources in your response.
  3. Does the secondary audience impact how you write the report?  Please explain why or why not and cite sources in your paragraph response.