Discussion of Emotions

Below is a link to a YouTube video regarding a man who is talking about his experience of the death of a friend. Appealing to the ABC Model and the distinction between functional/helpful and dysfunctional/unhelpful negative emotions, discuss whether the narrator is experiencing a functional or dysfunctional negative emotion. Give evidence from the video to support your claim. [Remember the criteria determining whether an emotion is functional or dysfunctional.] Also, discuss whether you would label the narrator’s emotional response as depression or grief. You may need to look online for the DSM 5 diagnostic criteria for depression and grief. Fully justify your claim based on the video, the ABC Model of emotions, and DSM 5 diagnostic criteria for the relevant emotions. Follow the rubric.

Rest in Peace Kayne (We Love You)

Write a 300-word post addressing the discussion prompt above. Be sure to include information from appropriate texts with proper citations.

Read SOS: Help for Emotions, pgs., 65-85

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