Discussion board and faith & integration replies

Hello, I need to reply to two discussion boards and two faith & integration replies. each reply have to be a 100 words or more.  Here are the instructions for the Discussion Board replies:  Post a substantive reply to the thread of at least two classmates. A substantive reply includes at least 100 words analyzing the initial thread as well as adding to the research and concepts put forth in that thread. The goal is to create meaningful discussion. To simply restate the idea already put forth or to concur with the first reply is not adding substantial discussion. That is why it is good to do additional outside research.

  Here is the Faith & Integration instructions:  The replies to at least 2 of your  classmates must be substantial and interactive in nature, not simply a  sentence or two of agreements. Each reply must be at least 100 words.   It is the intention of this course for the students to engage with each  other in an academic and spiritual manner