Discussion assignment on gender socialization, on deviance, crime and

As you learned in this chapter, socialization is a lifelong learning process that reoccurs as we enter different life stages such as adolescence or adulthood. Several factors influence the way that we are socialized, including gender socialization patterns. For this discussion, please respond to the following questions: 

1) How does social media (or any media in general) influence how young people are socialized in terms of gender? Please explain using at least one example. (i.e. Jaden Smith’s clothing line MSFTS is a gender neutral clothing line, and is opening up space for the idea that young people do not need to conform to gendered clothing norms. However, most of the time, what we see on social media reinforces gender norms.)

2) How do parents and other adults reinforce gender roles? Explain.

Pick a famous politician, business leader, or celebrity that has been arrested for a crime. What crime did they allegedly commit? Who was the victim/s? Explain their actions from the point of view of one of the major sociological theories (functionalism, conflict theory, symbolic interaction- see table in Ch. 7). To get full credit on this discussion post, you must apply the theory correctly to your chosen example.