Developing a simple c++ pthreads program to traverse a 2d maze

The objective of this assignment is to apply the concepts of threading by developing a simple C++ Posix threads program to discover the surroundings and the shortest path in a 2D maze



This assignment requires you to write a multi-threaded C/C++ “Pathfinder” program to discover the surroundings of a jungle maze. Each [x, y] location in the maze represents a ‘grid area’ of the jungle terrain.


I’m given a few headers file to make use of the method inside to write my main.cpp file. So you must write the cpp program that uses the functions in these header files! Please read the word document file and the output of the program must be exactly the same as stated in the document. 


The header files given provides all the neccessary method which invokes the output required. Please follow strictly to the output give. Thanks!