Css 215 system analysis | Management homework help


Module 2: Team Project Milestone 4: Project Initiation and Feasibility


Read the information below, then complete the designated tasks with your team.

Millennium Health asked you to proceed with the project and complete a number of additional tasks to help the management get a better understanding of the project scope and its projected costs and benefits.


  • Provide your answers to the following questions.
    1. Create a sample Project Scope Statement following the structure shown in figure 5-10.  
    2. Define Business Process Plan and how it relates to Milestone #4. 
    3. Make a list of expected costs and benefits for the project. Consider both one-time and recurring costs as well as tangible and intangible costs  
    4. Name a few intangible benefits you anticipate for the system.   
    5. Create numeric estimates for each of the costs and benefits you listed.  
    6. What do you consider to be the risks of the project as you currently understand it? Is this a low, medium-, or high-risk project? Justify your answer.