Cs 1073 winter | Computer Science homework help

CS 1073 Winter  Hw#3   

 Submit online   only  your  source code files (extension java), thru Desire to Learn.


Write a class called  Student  that represents a typical student with the  attributes:  name, address,

major,  GPA and the operations: setName( ), getName( ), setAddress(), getAdrdress(), setMajor( ), 

getMajor( ), computeGPA( ),  getGPA(). Parameters passing should be set  according  based on

getting or setting a  given attribute.   To compute the GPA, generate a random float number

between 0.5 and 4.5.  Include two constructors, the first takes a name, address, and major and

calls computeGPA to set the GPA. The second only takes a name and address and sets the major

to “Undeclared”. It should also call  computeGPA to set the GPA. Write a short driver to test all the

above methods and constructors with at least at least 4 students.   

Here is a sample of input/output  (use “DecimalFormat…” or something similar to format the GPA)  

Name: Jessica  Brown

Address: 500 Cuyahoga  Street, Saint John

Major: Computer Science

GPA: 2,673

Name: Dan Boulder

Address: 54 Queens Blvd., Quispamsis 

Major: Undeclared

GPA: 3,653

Name: Sarah Al-Kaabi

Address:  135 University Av., Saint John

Major: Business  and History

GPA: 1,194

Name: Shin Yu

Address: 16  Dale Dr.

Major:  Philosophy

GPA: 2,578