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The partners in Crawford Company decide to liquidate the firm when the balance sheet shows the following.



CRAWFORD COMPANY Balance Sheet May 31, 2014
Assets   Liabilities and Owners” Equity
Cash  $            27,500 Notes payable  $          13,500
Accounts receivable  $            25,000 Accounts payable  $          27,000
Allowance for doubtful accounts      $            (1,000) Salaries and wages payable  $            4,000
Inventory  $            34,500 A. Jamison, capital  $          33,000
Equipment  $            21,000 S. Moyer, capital  $          21,000
Accumulated depreciationequipment  $            (5,500) P. Roper, capital  $            3,000
       $          101,500        $        101,500


The partners share income and loss 5:3:2. During the process of liquidation, the following transactions were completed in the following sequence.


A total of $51,000 was received from converting noncash assets into cash.


Gain or loss on realization was allocated to partners.


Liabilities were paid in full.


P. Roper paid his capital deficiency.


Cash was paid to the partners with credit balances.






(a)Prepare the entries to record the transactions.


(b)Post to the cash and capital accounts.


(c)Assume that Roper is unable to pay the capital deficiency.


(1)Prepare the entry to allocate Roper”s debit balance to Jamison and Moyer.

(2)Prepare the entry to record the final distribution of cash.


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