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Consultation is crucial in clinical practice as often times as clinicians we can feel stuck in our intervention strategies with our clients and unintentionally begin to have tunnel vision as it relates to the overarching themes originally presented by our clients.  Consultation provides an opportunity for our colleagues, who vary in experience and intervention skills, to provide unbiased feedback and insight to help us reframe our intervention strategies and can also provide a space for clinicians to explore any emotional experience they are having in working with their client, that may or may not, be impacting our work with them.  This assignment is intended to help students practice how to formulate presenting a case to a consultation group and in turn, learning how to provide a brief, clinical analysis feedback to colleagues seeking consultation.

Students will work in small consult groups that meet 4 times during the term.  Students will be assigned their groups at the beginning of the course and it is expected that students will connect early in the term to determine what days/times will work best for the group to meet.  Groups can choose what technology platform works best for them to meet; zoom rooms, skype, google hangouts, etc. 

Students will watch a video from the list provided that specifically highlights children and/or adolescent mental health and will use the character in this film to create a full assessment.  

Consult group members will take turns each week being the facilitator of the group consultation meeting (this will happen live on an online platform) and the person presenting the case. Please identify who is the presenter and who is the facilitator in the forms you submit to the instructor. Each week one student will present their evaluation to their case consultation group along with 2 theories that inform their intervention strategies, 3-4 intervention strategies with rationale of using these interventions, and 2-3 specific questions on interventions, barriers, self-awareness or general concerns you may have in treating this child.  It is expected that everyone fully participates as consulting colleagues by offering thoughtful responses with clinical rationale behind responses which will then be submitted as a peer review form.

 Video Options  Little Miss Sunshine,