Confidentiality and Priest Penitent Rule Response

Write a 3-4 page paper explaining the significance of “confidentiality” and the “priest-penitent rule” in chaplaincy. Address the following points:

Privileged communication
Priest-penitent privilege
Confidential communications
Include three scholarly sources in addition to your textbooks that support your writing.

Read or review the following:

Woodard, Ch. 2, pp. 30-33;
Sullivan, p. 58, note 13; and
Crick, pp.75-76, pp. 208-209, and p. 213. (Once on the page scroll down to SECTION 19-11-90. Priest-penitent privilege.)
***As a writing style we are using Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS). Notice, we are NOT USING FOOTNOTES or a BIBLIOGRAPHY at the end of your written works. However, on ALL assignments we will use CMOS Author/Date style (in-text citations style) of citing sources with a CMOS Resources Cited list at the end of all your writing submissions. The Resources Cited list follows Kate Turabian\’s standard listings for bibliographic material listed in her book, A Manual for Writers, 9th edition. See Chapters 18 & 19 for details.***

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