Complete the linear search method

Reading: Be reading Chapter 1 

This assignment is worth 10 points. Your work is due at the beginning of  next class.  You will

turn in two class printouts.


(6 points) Complete the linear search method from today’s lecture. Create a class

containing this method (as a static member) and a main method that, when run, creates

and initializes an array with 100 random numbers and calls your search method for at

least 5 values, three which are in the array and two which are not. 

Use System.out.printf to report the results of  each search. Test your program and

print out the class.

Note: the size of  the array (100) should be defined using a constant field of  the class.


(4 points) Modify the program to create an array large enough to hold 10,000 random

numbers. Otherwise it should work as before. If  you wrote the first version of  the

program well, you shouldn’t have to change much at all. Test as before, and print out your

modified class.

3. There is a better way to specify the size of  the array that we want the program to create

and fill with random numbers, so we don’t have to change the code every time we want to

test a different array size.

Do you know what it is? 

Prepare to discuss this question in class (nothing to turn in).