Compare and contrast the two versions of the myth of the cyclops

Compare and Contrast the two versions of the myth of the Cyclops Polyphemus in the Archaic Greek poet Homer’s Odyssey (EH 298-314) and in the Hellenistic poet Theocritus’ poem (Idyll 11) (ACM 399-401). How does the Roman poet Ovid combine elements from each of these earlier poets’ versions to make his own version of the myth in his poem, the Metamorphoses (OM 374-381)?


Length: 2-3 pages (1.5 spacing, typed)


EH The Essential Homer (Hackett 2000)

ACM Anthology of Classical Myth (Hackett 2004)

OM Ovid Metamorphoses (Hackett 2010)


Argument (75%) 

Introduction: set out what you will be doing in this paper (10%) 

Context 1: describe what is happening in Homer’s version & Theocritus version (10%) 

Analysis 1: compare the similarities & differences between Homer’s version & Theocritus’ versions (20%) 

Context 2: describe what is happening in Ovid’s version (5%) 

Analysis 2: examine how Ovid combines elements from both Homer and Theocritus in his version (20%) 

Conclusion (10%): summarize your main points and findings at the end of your essay.

Presentation (25%) 

Length (5%) 

Spelling & Grammar (5%) 

Direct quotation of the Homer version in Analysis 1 (5%)

Direct quotation of the Theocritus version in Analysis (5%)

Direct quotation of the Ovid version in Analysis 2 (5%) 

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