Community paper | Nursing homework help

i need help to write a paper for community about my clinical day in  PHC primary health care it is a reflection paper i need 600 words answer these questions” 


1. What is the scope of the clinical agency? (What services do they provide?)

2. What population of clients does the clinical agency serve? (Including age 

range, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity).

3. What are common health related problems the health officials at the clinical 

agency come into contact with?

4. How is the agency/setting you were in reimbursed? In other words, where does 

the funding or payments come from?



Be prepared to provide an answer to the above questions. In at least 

600 words, reflect on your experience (students may choose which clinical 

experience to discuss), any ethical dilemmas you may have experienced, and what 

you learned new.

and i put short answer for each question and i need you to read it and add more details also i will attach my friend work in the same clinic read it and take the idea not copy it, also i will add the link for the place tat i did my assignment there.