110s2 | Computer Science homework help

Using Appendix M in your textbook on page 275. Develop an interconnection agreement based on utilizing your home computer system as your home business system. The movement, protection, and reliability of your interconnection is important to your business so provide sufficient depth and scope of your interconnection agreement to ensure your business is protected and remains available. Develop a drawing/network topology of your home network that includes computers, switches, routers, Internet Service Provider, and any security or firewall protection. 

Global business concepts paper | Management homework help

Using these three chapters as a foundation, in a 3-page paper, respond to the following questions:

Reading: chapter 2, 3, and 4 – Hill, C.W. L. (2020). International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace. [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from https://online.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781264123926/

(a) Describe the importance of assessing economic factors in international markets; and what are some economic factors / indicators you would analyze.

(b) Describe the importance of assessing political and legal factors in international markets.

(c) Describe the importance of assessing cultural factors in international markets.

Note: Please make sure to create sub-sections in your paper where you focus on each of these questions

Most classes have a 2 paper requirement per course. Please be sure to address the following requirements when completing your papers:

  •  The cover page and reference page/s are not included in the above-stated page requirement. These should be in addition to page requirements.
  •  Papers need to be formatted in proper APA 7th Edition style.
  •  Each paper requires a minimum of at least three outside peer-reviewed sources for your references (unless stated otherwise in the guidance above).

o   Acceptable/credible sources include: Academic journals and books, industry journals,  and the class textbook.   To include additional types of sources, please review the “Guidelines for finding and utilizing required references for your paper,” shared below.

  •  Using your textbook is highly recommended to demonstrate that you have read the required material and/or are connecting new thoughts to the course text/learnings.

Module 2 critical thinking discussion

One of the best ways to practice identifying inductive and deductive reasoning is to look at real examples of arguments. . I’m going to provide a summary of the argument for you to simplify the discussion, but I encourage you to read the article : The Return of the Burqa in Afghanistan  


Read through the article and then explain whether you think the argument employs inductive or deductive reasoning and why you think so.  write a 200-300 word response 

Scott Simon, the author, makes the following argument.

1) Wearing a burqa makes a woman anonymous.

2) Many people in Afghanistan want to see women in public without burqas.

3) The Taliban has decreed that women in Afghanistan must always be covered from head to toe while in public.

4) The Taliban has also closed closed schools for girls and decreed that women must be accompanied by male guardians.

5) Therefore, the Taliban is returning Afghanistan to a past in which women have no role in public life.

Exp19_powerpoint_ch02_hoeassessment_wedding | Computer Science homework help




Exp19 PowerPoint Ch02 HOEAssessment Wedding



Project Description:

You are asked to develop a presentation that will be used to promote La Belle Fleurs, a wedding planning service. Potential clients include prospective brides, grooms, and their families. Using accepted design principles, the presentation is developed to include shapes, animation, transitions, and video.


Start PowerPoint.   Download and open the file named Exp19_PPT_Ch02_HOEAssessment_Wedding.pptx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename.


Replace Student Name on Slide 1 with Mary   Albert.   Change the title font to Arial.


Contrast is one of   the main design principles used in a presentation to direct focus and aid in   readability. You adjust the formatting of the font used in the presentation   so there is better contrast.

  Click Slide 2, select the title, and change the font to Arial. Change the   size to 72. Change the Font color to Brown, Text 1, Lighter   10%. Double-click the Format Painter button. Apply the   formatting to the titles for Slide 3 through Slide 7. Press ESC.


You begin to prepare   for adding objects that will enhance the presentation’s message to some of   the slides by deleting a couple of placeholders. These will not be needed   once the objects are added. You also adjust the formatting of the font on the   slides.

  Click Slide 3 and select the left content placeholder border. Change the Font   color to Brown, Text 1. Repeat for Slide 5. Delete the image on Slide 5.


This slide is   enhanced by using the alignment design principle to bring the email address   closer to the phrase Contact us.   The font formatting should be adjusted as well.

  Click Slide 7. Select the email address   and then click Align Right in the Paragraph group. Select Contact us at: and change the size to   44. Change the Font color to Brown, Text 1.


You add a heart shape   to enhance the message of the slide. Then the heart will be filled with a   picture of a wedding cake. Some additional text will be added to the slide to   finish the message.

  Click Slide 5 and delete the right content placeholder. Click the Insert tab.   Click Shapes in the Illustration group. Click the Heart in the Basic Shapes   group and then click in the right side of the slide.


Size the heart to a   height of 5.5” and a width of 5.5”. Position it Horizontally at 7.45” from Top Left corner   and Vertically 1.75” from Top Left Corner. Click   Shape Fill in the Shape Styles group, and then click Picture. Click From a File and   navigate to where you have your files stored. Click Cake.jpg and click Insert.

  Click Compress Pictures in the Adjust group on the Picture Format tab. In the   Compress Pictures dialog box, with Use default resolution selected, click OK.   


Begin a new paragraph   beneath the current paragraph and type For you to choose in the left Content   placeholder on Slide 5.


Animation is added to   the email address to emphasize it.

  Click Slide 7, select the email address, and then click the Animations tab.   Click More in the Animation group and then click Random Bars in the Entrance   category.


Select the email   address again and click Add Animation in the Advanced Animation group. Click   Bold Reveal in the Emphasis category.


Animation is added to   the new phrase on this slide to control how it appears on the slide. This   helps to focus how the audience receives the message of the slide.

  Click Slide 5 and select For you to   choose. Click More on the Animations tab and then click More Entrance   Effects. Click Expand in the Subtle category. Click OK.


You continue to add   and adjust animations used on several slides in the presentation. The goal is   to add interest to the presentation and keep the audience’s attention on the   slides.

  Click Slide 2 and select the text in the content placeholder. On the   Animations tab, in the Animation group, click More, and then click More   Entrance Effects. Click Fade in the Subtle category. Click OK. Change the   Font color to Brown, Text 1.


Select the content   placeholder on Slide 2. Click the Effect Options Dialog Box Launcher to   display the Fade dialog box. Click the Animate text arrow and click By word.


Click the Timing tab.   Click the Start arrow and then click After Previous. Set the Delay to 0.75   seconds   and the Duration to 2 seconds (Medium). Click OK. 


Click Slide 5 and   select the phrase For you to choose.   Set the Start to After Previous. Click the Delay arrow in the Timing group to   reach 00.75.


Click Slide 7 and then click the   content placeholder. Click the Animations tab. Click Animation Pane in the Advanced   Animation group. Click the second Exploring2019 arrow (for Bold Reveal   Emphasis). Click Start After Previous.


Click Slide 6. Drag the right edge   of the third timeline bar in the Animation Pane to the left until the   ScreenTip displays End: 8.4s. Drag the right edge of the fourth timeline bar   the left until the ScreenTip displays End: 11.4s.

  Note, Mac users, set the duration of the Fade animation for the third hexagon   to 5.4 seconds, and the duration for the fourth hexagon to 3 seconds.


Click Slide 2 and   click the content placeholder. Adjust the Delay arrow to 01.00.


You apply a   transition to all the slides in the presentation to create visual interest   and re-focus the audience attention as each new slide displays during the   presentation.

  Click the Transitions tab and click More in the Transition to This Slide   group. Click Push under Subtle. Click Apply to All in the Timing group.


Select the Slide 1   thumbnail, click the Effect Options arrow in the Transitions to This Slide   group, and then select From Left. Click On Mouse Click in the Timing group to   deselect it. Click After and set it to 00:02.00. Click Apply to All.


Video engages the   audience’s emotions and helps to reinforce the message of your presentation.   This helps the audience remember the message of the presentation, so you add   one on this slide.

  Select Slide 3. Click the right content placeholder. Click the Insert Video   icon. Navigate to where you have your file stored and insert the Violins.mp4 video.


You use the Playback   and Format tabs to adjust the video’s properties.

  Click Move Forward 0.25 Seconds on the Media Controls bar located beneath the   video to advance the video to the frame at 1.50 seconds. Click the Poster   Frame in the Adjust group on the Format tab, and then click Current Frame.


Click Video Shape in   the Video Styles group and click Hexagon in the Basic Shapes category. Click   Video Effects, point to Shadow, and then click Perspective: Lower Left in the Perspective   category.


Select the video   object, click the Playback tab, and then click Trim Video in the Editing   group. Drag the red End Time marker on the slider until 00:03.000 displays in   the End Time box. Click OK. Click the Start arrow in the Video Options group   and select Automatically. Click the Loop until Stopped check box in the Video   Options group to select it.

  Note, Mac users, skip the instruction to trim the video, however, set the   other options.


You check the   presentation to make sure all of the changes you have made work as you   designed them to work. Then you compress the media to reduce the overall file   size of the presentation.

  Click the Slide Show tab and click From Beginning in the Start Slide Show   group. Press ESC. Click the File tab, and then click Compress Media. Select   Standard (480p).


Save and close Exp_PPT_Ch02_HOEAssessment_Wedding_solution.pptx.   Exit PowerPoint. Submit the file as directed.

Case study critique | PADM501

 please see attached case.

Case Study Critique Assignment Instructions


You are required to write a critique on two case studies in this course as outlined in your required reading. Your critique should discuss the major facts of the case and should tell whether you believe the right decision(s) was/were made and why. Doing so not only further develops and demonstrates strong critical thinking skills, but also broadens your awareness and understanding of issues facing today’s public administrators.


The format of each case study critique should be as follows: 

· Identify the important facts in the case study.

· What decision(s) were made in the case study.

· Do you believe the decisions were appropriate?

· Discuss any alternative solution(s) to the problem and support those solutions with additional research (with similar cases).

· Conclusion

· References.

· Make sure each section is labeled appropriately (Facts, Decision, Solution, Conclusion)

· Length of assignment: 3-5 pages 

· Format of assignment: APA 7.  

· Number of citations: 3, to include the case study itself.

· Acceptable sources include scholarly articles published within the last five years 

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

Sci256 | Science homework help

Imagine that while you have been enrolled in this course, you have realized there are no sustainability initiatives at the company you work for. You mentioned your interest in implementing a sustainability initiative for the company that demonstrates environmentally supportive practices that also make financial sense to the business. The chief executive officer likes your idea, and she said that before creating a sustainability program at your company, it is important to understand the laws and regulations that will influence your company’s sustainable practices. In order to do this, you are tasked with learning about various environmental laws and regulations and how they might be relevant to the company.

Research the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and 1 other environmental law or regulation of your choice. The law or regulation you choose may be a local or state regulation, or another federal law or regulation.

Reference the “Professional Email Etiquette” video for tips on composing emails.

Write a 1- to 2-page email to the director of human resources in which you detail your chosen initiative and the environmental regulations that support your initiative as a good idea for the company to pursue. In the email:

  • Introduce yourself and the purpose of this specific email.
  • Describe the new initiative you suggest and why it’s important to the company and community.
  • Describe how the 3 laws or regulations your researched support your initiative. For each law or regulation, include the title, a description of the law or regulation, and how environmental science influenced its development.
  • Example: The EPA examined the environmental impacts of six main types of pollutants in stormwater runoff, including floatable debris that commonly includes plastic, as part of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System to permit requirements and stormwater control strategies.
  • Close the email with the next steps and any follow-up items.
  • Sign your name.
  • Format any references according to APA guidelines.

    Submit your assignment.


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  • Reference and Citation Generator
  • Grammar Assistance
  • Copyright 2022 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.

Globalization and industrialization and how different industries have


Analyze globalization and industrialization and how different industries have impacted the global economy through the history and humanities lenses, and address the following: 

· How does this issue/event interact with the history lens and impact social issues? 

· In what ways does the history lens help articulate a deeper understanding of the global issue(s) that inform your issue/event? Next, analyze your issue/event through the lens of the humanities by exploring the following questions: 

· How is this issue/event portrayed creatively in a global society? What is the message or commentary of this representation? 

· How does this representation interact with you in your personal and professional lives? 

Week 4 reflection #1 | Nursing homework help

You will have a reflection assignment which is just a short paragraph based on your readings from chapters 7, 8, and 9. When writing about your readings, think about how and why you came to your insights. Evaluate your experiences, comment on ideas, how you feel, what did you learn? 

Chapter 7: Dorothy Johnson’s Behavioral System Model and its Application 

Chapter 8: Dorothea Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory 

Chapter 9: Imogene King’s Theory of Goal Attainment Personal Philosophy of Nursing 

Book: Smith, M. & Parker, M. (2014). Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice. (4th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: F. A. Davis Company. ISBN-13: 978-0-8036-3312-4 (Required) Publication Manual American Psychological Association (APA) (7th ed.). 2009 ISBN: 978-143. 

Global leadership & management unit 3

Assignment Details

You are the Vice President of Human Resources for a multinational corporation located within the United States. The company’s current employee training program has not been updated for several years. The program does not address the issues inherent in a global workforce. You have been asked to develop a training proposal to address what you believe are the top 5 challenges in training a multinational managerial workforce.

Write a 5-page proposal that includes the following:

  • An explanation of the standard versus tailor-made training strategies
  • A description of 4 basic managerial sources of global populations (e.g., home country, host country, third-country nationals, inpatriates, or expatriates) and a comparison of the different needs between the populations
  • 5 challenges to training a multinational managerial workforce
  • A training proposal to incorporate the 5 identified challenges

Submitting your assignment in APA format means, at a minimum, that you will need the following:

  • Title page: Remember the running head. The title should be in all capitals.
  • Length: 5 pages minimum
  • Abstract: This is a summary of your paper, not an introduction. Begin writing in third person.
  • Body: This begins on the page following the title page and abstract page and must be double-spaced (be careful not to triple- or quadruple-space between paragraphs). The typeface should be 12-pt. Times Roman or 12-pt. Courier in regular black type. Do not use color, bold type, or italics, except as required for APA-level headings and references. The deliverable length of the body of your paper for this assignment is 5 pages. In-body academic citations to support your decisions and analysis are required. A variety of academic sources is encouraged.
  • Reference page: References that align with your in-body academic sources are listed on the final page of your paper. The references must be in APA format using appropriate spacing, hanging indent, italics, and uppercase and lowercase usage as appropriate for the type of resource used. Remember, the Reference page is not a bibliography but a further listing of the abbreviated in-body citations used in the paper. Every referenced item must have a corresponding in-body citation.

Strategic management – discussion | business

Corporate strategy addresses “where to compete” and business strategy addresses “how to compete” (Rothaermel, 2021, p. 313).  Choose one business in chapters 7 and 8 and describe one aspect of this business where you see a failure of management.  In other words, what is one thing the strategic managers of this firm should have or could have done differently to help move the company forward.  Be sure and include in your discussion how this firm addresses “where” to compete and how this firm addresses “how” to compete.  Is there a failure in the “where” to compete or is there a failure in ‘how” to compete?   Analyze that failure and offer a solution that you as the strategic manager would have implemented.  

This case may be based on your opinion.  However, you must back up your opinion with sound research and fact.