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Case Study Forum Instructions

You will have 2 Case Study Discussion Board forums in this course. Each case study will be discussed using the discussion board feature of Blackboard. Each discussion response must cover all key components of the case study questions posed during the respective module/week.

Your threads must be at least 500 words. In addition, you are required to submit 2 replies of 150 words each during each discussion.  Each post must include proper spelling, grammar, and current APA format. 

§ All responses (thread and replies) must address the major points of the questions posed and be supported by:

ü Reading & Study Materials (2 scholarly/peer-reviewed sources in addition to the Compensation course text, in current APA format required).

ü Integration of 1 or more biblical principles with scripture reference. 

ü Pertinent, conceptual, or personal examples.

ü Thoughtful analysis (considering assumptions, analyzing implications, comparing/contrasting concepts).

ü Clarity must be brought to issues being discussed and each reply must relate issues to 1 or more biblical principles and experiences with scripture.

The following text will be used for the Case Studies:

Clardy, A. B. (1996, eBook Published 25 February 2014). Managing human resources. New 

York: Psychology Press.

Case Study Forum 1: Module/Week 3

Topic: Please complete the Mary Williams Case Something’s Just Not Right found in Chapter 3: Job Analysis in the Clardy text. 

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