Case project – williams specialty company wsc

i need help creating a test plan for this project… Unit Testing and Integration Testing

1. Scope of Testing

2. Unit testing

a. Unit Test Policy

b. Unit Testing Procedures and Responisbilities

c. Unit Test Case Results (One for each unit test)

3. Integration Testing

a. Integration Testing Policy

b. Integration Strategy

c. Integration and Test Procedures (One for each build)

d. Integration Testing Results


Power Point Topics:

1. Construction Overview ( 5minutes)

2. Problem and Lesson Learn (5 minutes)


1. System Description

Williams Specialty Company (WSC) is a small print and engraving organization. When a customer requests a printing or engraving job the sales person must enter the information into the order database (1) type of job (print or engraving), (2) media (clothing, plague, or trophy) (3) media catalog number, and (4) content into the print/engraving request database. The sales person then makes payment arrangements with the customer, which includes billing an existing customer, setting up an account for billing, or payment on delivery. If a payment on delivery option is selected, the sales person requests and receives at least a 10 percent deposit.

Once entered into to the print/engraving database, the sales person notifies the operations manager, who verifies the payment information and if all the payment and customer information is correct, validates the order. If the order is not validated, the operations manager generates a memo stating why the order is invalid, sends an email to the customer and follows up with a telephone call. If the order is valid, the operations manager assigns the job to a printing or engraving specialist


Once received the searches the catalog inventory database to determine if the media is in stock. If the media is in stock the Printing/Engraving Specialist marks media item as sold and sends a notification to the Stock Room Clerk to pull the media item off the shelf and send it to the Printing/Engraving Specialists. If the item is not in stock, the Printing/Engraving Specialists sends a request to the stock room clerk to order the catalog item.



Once notified of a stock request, the Stock Room Clerk checks the inventory to double check the availability of the catalog item. If the catalog item is in stock, Stock Room Clerk verifies that the catalog item is marked as sold and pulled. If the catalog item is not in stock, the Stock Room Clerk the item and sends a notice to the printing/engraving specialists with an expected delivery date. Once the media item is pulled off the shelf, the Stock Room Clerk sends a notification that the catalog item is has been sent to the specialists, the Stock Room Clerk then marks the media item as delivered and decrements the media stock count.