Case 2 | Management homework help

please find the attached of the case

the answer for each question should be in a separate page.

HINT: no introduction and no conclusion. Don’t include the question, just write the question number and then the answer.


your answer should be with references and links.


Question 1 should be answered in two pages.

1.  Conduct an industry environment analysis. Is Carlsberg A/S in an attractive industry?


Question 2 should be answered in 1 page

2.  Identify the reasons for Carlsberg A/S’ mergers and acquisitions (M&As)? What type of the M&A strategy does Carlsberg A/S use?


Question 3 should be answered in 1 page

 3.  Describe Carlsberg A/S’ international corporate-level strategy.


Question 4 should be answered in 1 page

 4.  Integrating the results of the analysis, do you think Carlsberg A/S’ decision to go into the emerging markets is a good decision? Summarize your findings and propose recommendations that could improve Carlsberg A/S’ market performance in the industry.