Career counseling | Management homework help

1.Complete the assignment posted by your instructor.

You have a caseload which includes a former U.S. marine drill sergeant who has two prosthetic legs, and a former nurse who has experienced increased and insoluble hearing loss.  The marine wants to remain active, and has no interest in “desk jobs”. He has a BA degree and years of experience training and coaching recruits. The nurse  is an experienced RN and wants to remain in a medical, professional field. 

Explain how you would go about researching how to assist them. This is assignment is not what you tell them,  it is how YOU go about your research. 

For example do you think the ADA automatically means employers will accommodate every disability? If so, think again.  So please do both A and B. 

Don’t include your counseling to these two people. Instead describe. 

A. How would you start working with these two people . Please write about them separately if you would use two different approaches. If you use different methods (for each person), say why. If you use the same, say why.

Use the headings “Marine” and “Nurse”.

B. What would be the same (in terms of research) as with able bodied clients, and what would be different?

C. Would your advice (after research) be the same or different for these clients, as compared to other candidates?  The “politically correct” answer is “treat everyone exactly the same”, but that is nonsense. Would you give the same advice to an 18 year-old high school graduate, as to a 42 year old retiring navy nurse? If you would, you might impress someone who misunderstands equity, but you will not be able to help anyone.   

Complete and answer for each individually, using headings  “Marine” and Nurse”

2. Do LGBT clients need any different counselling approach? If yes, why. If not, what not? And what differences?

Why must someone consider the physical and social environments where they work? 

3.What are work related challenges for transgender employees or transgender candidates for employment.


Explain the importance of a positive work environment for yourself. Is this a determining factor whether you would continue working there or not