Bus320 diss 4 | Marketing homework help

 Select any one question and answer them about 200 words with proper citation 

Question #1: What are five stages in consumer online purchase decision process (hint: Figure 6.1 Figure 6.2, Figure 6.10, Figure 6.11)

What factors influence consumer buying behavior (hint: Figure 6.3)

Question #2: If you’re a manager of a startup company, you face a number of strategic questions on building brands online. You have been advised There are five major types of marketing, and a variety of different platforms that perform different functions. Explain these five major types of marketing, providing one company as an example for each type (hint: Table 6.2 The Digital Marketing Roadmap)

Question #3: If you are the website manager of an existing commercial website, recommend three online marketing strategies that you think work well.

Question #4: Thousands of advertisers are looking for audiences. Ad networks are intermediaries that connect publishers with marketers. Explain how an advertising network works? (hint: Figure 6.6 How An Advertising Network Works)

Question #5: To understand the process of attracting potential consumers via marketing communications and converting them into customers, students of E-commerce class will need to be familiar with online marketing terminology. “Table 6.6 MARKETING METRICS LEXICON” lists some terms commonly used to describe the impacts and results of online marketing such as display ads and e-mail campaigns. List and explain 10 chosen terminologies that you think this class should know.

Question #6: Research has shown that many consumers use the Internet to investigate purchases before actually buying them, which is often done in a physical storefront. What implication does this have for online merchants? What can they do to entice more online buying, rather than pure research?

Question #7: List the differences among databases, data warehouses, and data mining.

Question #8: What are online marketing analytics (also called web analytics) and how are they used? Name one software as an example

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